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Fixed? You must be joking.

by Louise Lotz on 11 April, 2010

Fixed?Fixed?I was shocked to see that a major pothole he reported some weeks ago was said to be fixed – yet is worse than ever.

Someone is taking the mickey, but I don’t find it funny. It is over 2 months since the end of the ice and snow period that caused so much damage to our roads and footpaths. Not only are most of the potholes not fixed, they have not even been marked as dangerous. I have asked for a proper report to councillors over where Herts Highways are, yet we have seen nothing that gives any detail.

I presume someone has been paid for this non-existent fix, and someone else will have to come back to actually do the work. Ironically I asked last autumn, before the hard winter, for the whole of Marsden Road in WGC, which is where this pothole is, to be resurfaced. It was obvious to me the road was badly cracked and likely to fail.

There are many potholes in this road and the work is even more urgent. I shall be pressing again for it to be taken seriously.

For further information, contact me – Malcolm Cowan on 324723.

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