Malcolm Cowan

County Councillor for Handside and Peartee Wards, Borough Councillor for Peartree Ward Learn more

About Me

(Peartree) Malcolm Cowan has lived in the Garden City with his wife Linda since 1972 and his children went to local schools.
Malcolm was a district councillor from 1986 to 1990.
He worked for many years in the City, and is now self employed. Malcolm is a county councillor for Handside and Peartree.
Malcolm is a keen gardener and a long-standing member of the executive committee of the Welwyn Garden City Society.
Malcolm, has worked tirelessly to ensure good transport conditions for local residents. Now at last, some improvements to the Oldings roundabout have been made following Malcolm’s intervention. Says Malcolm “Why is the roundabout near Stanborough Lakes decorated with a boat that is already rotting away – is this a symbol of the town? Better would have been to restore paddling pools for the children ahead of any ‘symbolic’ gesture.” For many years, the Liberal Democrats campaigned for a quieter road surface. One by one, the other parties joined us. Thanks to Malcolm, and others, we now have it, although the noise problems persist and Malcolm is keen to see more action taken.